Originating from the Latin word, “septem” meaning seven, September was the 7th of 10 months in the Old Roman Calendar. When the Julian calendar reformed to add January and February, September moved into the 9th position.

In recent times, in the U. S. most people recognize Labor Day as the only official federal holiday in September. But, there are quite a few lesser known events and celebrations that happen during the month when summer starts turning into fall. September is the month when kids are either going back or already in school, football season gets started and the last vestiges of summer start to fade away.

Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day – First Monday in September

Dedicated to working people across the U. S., Labor Day is often considered the last holiday of the summer which is celebrated by outings with family and friends. However, the day itself is dedicated to respecting and appreciating those who work both outside and inside the home. Although often associated with unionized labor, it is a day meant to celebrate all those who work for employers, including the federal government. The day itself was first celebrated on September 5th, 1882 in New York City. Two years later, the day was moved to the first Monday in September and on June 28th, 1894, the U. S. Congress proclaimed it a national holiday. This day is usually celebrated with parades and outdoor events, although most people use the opportunity for one last outdoor adventure with their families and friends (and in a fashion sense, the last day to wear white).

Grandparent’s Day – First Sunday after Labor Day

First declared in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter, National Grandparent’s Day is one that is much like Mother’s and Father’s Day where we celebrate our grandparents with giving gifts, hugs and lots of attention. Created in response to the fact that grandchildren did not get to celebrate a day with their grandparents, this day helps honor those who give so much love and attention to their grandchildren.

Pardon Day – September 8th

This is a day dedicated to seeking forgiveness when it is needed. It is also a day to show more consideration for others by saying “Pardon me” or “Excuse me” when appropriate. With the coarsening of today’s society, this day has taken on more recognition thanks in large part to how it addresses particular needs that otherwise might go unfulfilled. While this is an unofficial day, its origins are official in nature as September 8th, 1974 is the day that then President Gerald Ford officially pardoned former President Nixon of any wrongdoings in the famous Watergate scandal. From this day, Pardon Day began being recognized.

9/11 Remembrance Day

On this day in 2001, over 3,000 Americans lost their lives in the largest foreign attack on U. S. soil since the War of 1812. As with Pearl Harbor Day which honors the lives lost in an attack that brought the U. S. into World War II, 9/11 Remembrance Day is one where people remember where they were when terrorists brought down the Twin Towers in New York City as well as damaging the Pentagon and crashing another airliner in Pennsylvania. This day changed the lives of Americans and brought us into a new conflict which is still being fought today.

Uncle Sam Day – September 13th

Although there have been other human faces that have symbolized our country, such as Brother Jonathon and Columbia, only Uncle Sam remains as the one face that is most recognizable. In fact, Uncle Sam may be the most recognizable facial symbol of any nation in the world. In 1989, Uncle Sam day was formally recognized on the birthday of Samuel Wilson on September 13th, 1776 of which the legend is he was the very first to use the “Uncle Sam” term.


List of September Holidays

September 1

Labor Day (First Monday in September)
Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day
Calendar Adjustment Day
Chicken Boy’s Day
Emma M. Nutt Day
Great Bathtub Race (on Labor Day)
National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day
Save Japan’s Dolphins Day

September 2

Bison-ten Yell Day
V-J Day

September 3

Another Look Unlimited Day (Day after Labor Day)
National Wildlife Day

September 4

Newspaper Carrier Day
Twist and Shout Day

September 5

Be Late For Something Day
Bring Your Manners To Work Day  (First Friday)
International Day of Charity
Jury Rights Day
National Lazy Mom’s Day (First Friday)

September 6

Raise Your Fist to Freedom Day
Check Your Socks Day

September 7

Google Commemoration (Founded) Day
Grandma Moses Day
Grandparent’s Day (First Sunday after Labor Day)
“Neither Snow nor Rain” Day
Salami Day

September 8

International Literacy Day
Pardon Day
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day
Virgin Mary Day (birthday)
World Physical Therapy Day
National Boss/Employee Exchange Day (First Monday after Labor Day)

September 9

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day
Wonderful Weirdoes Day

September 10

Swap Ideas Day
(World) Suicide Prevention Day
Ask a Squid a Question Day

September 11

Libraries Remember Day
National Day of Service and Remembrance
Patriot Day
Remember Freedom Day

September 12

Banana Day  (2nd Friday)
International Day for South-South Cooperation
Stand Up To Cancer Day (Second Friday)
Video Games Day

September 13

Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day (2nd Saturday)
International Drive Your Studebaker Day (Second Saturday)
International Chocolate Day
Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day
National Celiac Awareness Day
National Hollerin’ Day  (2nd Saturday)
National Iguana Awareness Day  (Second Saturday)
National Peanut Day
Prairie Day (Second Saturday)
Roald Dahl Day
Yom Kippur

September 14

Miss America Pageant
National Hug Your Hound Day (Second Sunday)
National Kreme Filled Donut Day
National Pet Memorial Day  (Second Sunday)
Pet Rock Day  (Second Sunday)

September 15

Felt Hat Day Day
Greenpeace Day
International Day of Democracy
International Dot Day
LGBT Center Awareness Day

September 16

Anne Bradstreet Day
Get Ready Day   (Third Tuesday)
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
Mayflower Day
National Guacamole Day
Stay Away From Seattle Day
Stepfamily Day
Trail of Tears Commemoration Day

September 17

Citizenship Day
Constitution Day
International Country Music Day
National Rehabilitation Day (Wednesday of Third Week)
School Backpack Awareness Day (Third Wednesday)
Time’s Up Day
VFW Ladies Auxiliary Day

September 18

Air Force Birthday
Chiropractic Founders Day
Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day
National Cheeseburger Day
National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day
National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day
National Respect Day
World Water Monitoring Day

September 19

International Talk Like A Pirate Day
Clean Up The World Weekend-20  (Third Weekend)
National POW/MIA Recognition Day (Third Friday)
National Trademen Day (Third Friday)

September 20

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day:20  (3rd Saturday)
Big Whopper Liar Day (3rd Saturday)
Boys’ and Girls’ Club Day for Kids   (3rd Saturday)
International Eat An Apple Day (3rd Saturday)
International Coastal Cleanup Day (3rd Saturday)
National Gymnastics Day
National Seat Check Saturday
Puppy Mill Awareness Day  (3rd Saturday)

September 21

International Day of Peace
Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play
Wife Appreciation Day (3rd Sunday)
World’s Alzheimer’s Day

September 22

American Business Women’s Day
Autumnal Equinox (Autumn)
Car Free Day
Dear Diary Day
Elephant  Appreciation Day
Family Day
Hobbit Day
Ice Cream Cone Day
International Day of Radiant Peace
National Centenarian’s Day
National Rock n’ Roll Dog Day
National White Chocolate Day
National Woman Road Warrior Day (4th Tuesday)

September 23

Innergize Day (Day after the Autumn Equinox)
Celebrate Bi-sexuality Day
Checkers Day or Dogs in Politics Day
National Voter Registration Day
Restless Legs Awareness Day

September 24

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day (Last Wednesday)
Punctuation Day
Rosh Hashanah
Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving

September 25

Banned Websites Awareness Day
Math Story Telling Day
National One-Hit Wonder Day
National Psychotherapy Day
National Teach Ag Day  (4th Thursday)
(World) Ataxia Awareness Day
World Pharmacists Day

September 26

Hug A Vegetarian Day (Last Friday)
Johnny Appleseed Day
Love Note Day (4th Friday)
Save The Koala Day (Last Friday)
Shamu the Whale Day
World Contraception Day

September 27

Ancestor Appreciation Day
Family Health and Fitness Day USA (Last Saturday)
Fish Amnesty Day  (4th Saturday)
Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Google’s Birthday
International Lace Day (Last Saturday)
International Rabbit Day (4th Saturday)
Kids Day (Kiwanis Clubs) ( 4th Saturday)
National Hunting and Fishing Day (4th Saturday)
National Museum Day
National Public Lands Day (Last Saturday)
R.E.A.D. in America Day (4th Saturday)
Support Purple for Platelets Day
World Tourism Day

September 28

Fish Tank Floorshow Night
National Drink Beer Day
National Good Neighbor Day
International Right To Know Day
World Heart Day (Last Sunday)
World Rabies Day
Gold Star Mother’s Day (Last Sunday)

September 29

Mutation Day (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
National Attend Your Grandchild’s Birth Day
International Coffee Day
World Maritime Day (Second Monday)

September 30

Ask A Stupid Question Day  (Last School Day of the Month)
Blasphemy Day
Capitol Hill Day
International Translation Day


Rumor Has It …

… that Labor Day was first introduced into the U. S. via the original 13 British colonies by OctoMum, who was in labor for a reported 14 months before finally giving birth to eight lively kittens.


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