October originated with the Latin word “octo” meaning eight. October was the eighth month of the Old Roman calendar, but with the update to the Julian calendar the month (and the addition of January and February), it was moved into the 10th position.

October has traditionally been a time when fall swings into full gear and the harvesting of many crops takes place. In addition, many people associate October with the last day of the month, Halloween. However, before that spooky holiday takes place, there are many other celebrations and recognitions that happen during the month itself.


World Smile Day – First Friday of October

Symbolized by the popular yellow smiley face, this day actually has a proclamation by the U. S. Congress attached to it and even the U. S. Post Office has a stamp with the iconic smiley face on it as well. The intent of this day is not only to be pleasant to others, but also to recognize the first use of the famed smiley face which was created by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist in 1963. Its popularity did not really explode until the 1970s, but it has become one of the most recognizable symbols around.

Oktoberfest – Various Dates in October

Although mostly celebrated in Germany, Oktoberfest is also celebrated in many other countries as well, in particular the U. S. Although the two week celebration in Germany usually starts in September, most Americans associate this celebration happening in October, hence the name. The origins of Oktoberfest date back to the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese on October 12th, 1810. The day was celebrated with a great horse race and it became an annual event ever since. In America, Oktoberfest is usually a few days to a week-long celebration held at various times in October around the country.

Columbus Day – Second Monday in October

Columbus Day is arguably the least recognized of the official federal holidays as few banks and businesses take the day off, unlike almost all other federally recognized holidays. Columbus Day is meant to celebrate the discovery of America to European society when Christopher Columbus sailed his three ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria west across the Atlantic in 1492 to find a trade route to India. Although he never landed on the mainland of what would become the U. S., his discovery of the Caribbean islands is generally recognized as when America was revealed to the European world.

United Nations Day – October 24th

This day is to celebrate the United Nations organization and its contributions to the world. Founded after the end of World War II, the United Nations serves as the focal point where more than 100 countries send representatives to work out differences between nations. United Nations Day is meant to celebrate the achievements of this body and how it has influenced the world during this time.

Halloween – October 31st

Certainly one of the most popular holidays of the year, Halloween is a time when children dress up as ghosts, goblins, heroes, and travel through their neighborhood collecting candy. The “Trick or Treat” tradition actually goes back hundreds of years in various forms and was once called “All Hallows’ Eve” and is celebrated in countries around the world with costume parties, gatherings and trick or treating as well.


List of October Holidays
October 1

Balloons Around The World Day (First Wednesday)
CD Player Day
Fire Pup Day
International Day of Older Persons
International Music Day
Model T Day
National Lace Day
World Vegetarian Day

October 2

Guardian Angels Day
International Day of Non-violence
National Book It! Day
National Walk Your Dog Day
National Custodial Workers Day
Phileas Fogg’s Wager Day
World Farm Animals Day

October 3

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Day
Lee’s National Denim Day (First Friday)
National Diversity Day (First Friday)
World Smile Day (First Friday)
Yom Kippur

October 4

Blessing of The Animals Day
Cephalopod Awareness Day (First Saturday)
Fall Astronomy Day
Improve Your Office Day
National Taco Day
National Ship in A Bottle Day
Ten-Four Day
Vodka Day
World Animal Day
Inter-American Water Day (First Saturday)
World Card Making Day (First Saturday)

October 5

Blessings of The Fishing Fleet Day   (First Sunday)
Change A Light Day  (First Sunday)
Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day (First Sunday)
Intergeneration Day  (First Sunday)
International African Diaspora Day (First Sunday)
International Day of No Prostitution
World Communion Day (First Sunday)
World Teachers Day

October 6

Child Health Day (First Monday)
Ecological Debt Day
Jackie Mayer Rehab Day
Mad Hatter Day
National German-American Day
Techie’s Day (1st Monday)
World Day of Architecture  (First Monday)
World Habitat Day (First Monday)

October 7

You Matter To Me Day
Rodeo Clown Day

October 8

Alvin C. York Day
Emergency Nurses Day (Wednesday of First Full Week)
International Top Spinning Day (2nd Wednesday)
National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day (2nd Wednesday)
National Pierogy Day
Pet Obesity Awareness Day  (2nd Wednesday)
S.A.V. E. (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere)  (2nd Wednesday)
Stop Bullying Day (2nd Wednesday)
Walk To School Day
World Octopus Day

October 9

Leif Erikson Day
National Chess Day
National Depression Screening Day (2nd Thursday)
World Post Day
World Sight Day  (2nd Thursday)

October 10

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
International Newspaper Carrier Day
National Handbag Day
Naval Academy Day
World Egg Day (2nd Friday)
World Homeless Day
World Mental Health Day
World Porridge Day

October 11

General Pulaski Memorial Day (President)
International Day of The Girl
National Coming Out Day
National Costume Swap Day  (2nd Saturday)
National Family Bowling Day (or Kids Bowl Free Day)
Universal Music Day (2nd Saturday)
Southern Food Heritage Day
World Day Against The Death Penalty

October 12

Columbus Day (Traditional)
Day of the Six Billion
Clergy Appreciation Day (2nd Sunday)
Free Thought Day
International Moment of Frustration Scream Day
International Day for Disaster Reduction
Spanish Language Day

October 13

Columbus Day (2nd Monday, Observed)
English Language Day
International African Penguin Awareness Day
International Day for Failure
Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
National Kick Butt Day  (Second Monday)
Native American Day (2nd Monday)
Navy Birthday
National Chess Day

October 14

Be Bald and Be Free Day
National Face Your Fears Day (2nd Tuesday)
Spider-Man Day

October 15

Hagfish Day (3rd Wednesday)
Information Overload Day  (3rd Wednesday)
International Day of Rural Women
I Love Lucy Day
National Cake Decorating Day
National Fossil Day  (On Wednesday of the 2nd Full Week)
National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day (3rd Wednesday)
National Grouch Day
National Latino AIDS Awareness Day
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day
Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce (3rd Wednesday)
White Cane Safety Day

October 16

Boss’s Day (or National Boss’s Day)
Conflict Resolution Day  (3rd Thursday)
Department Store Day
Dictionary Day (Noah Webster’s Birthday)
Get to Know Your Customers Day
Get Smart About Credit Day (3rd Thursday)
International Credit Union Day (3rd Thursday)
National Feral Cat Day
Shemini Atzeret
World Food Day

October 17

Alternative Fuel Day
Black Poetry Day   (3rd Friday)
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Mulligan Day
National Pasta Day
Mammography Day (3rd Friday)
Simchat Torah
Spirit Day
Wear Something Gaudy Day
World Student Day

October 18

Bridge Day  (3rd Saturday)
Hard Boiled Guy/Girl Day
National Chocolate Cupcake Day
World Menopause Day
Sweetest Day (3rd Saturday)

October 19

National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day (3rd Sunday)
Evaluate Your Life Day
World Toy Camera Day  (Third Sunday)

October 20

Birth of the Bab
Miss American Rose Day
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day  (3rd Monday)

October 21

Celebration of The Mind Day
Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) Prevention Day
Reptile Awareness Day

October 22

International Stuttering Awareness Day
Medical Assistants Recognition Day (Wednesday of Third Full Week)
National Nut Day
Smart is Cool Day

October 23

National Mole Day
National Pharmacy Technician Day
Swallows Depart from San Juan Capistrano Day
TV Talk Show Host Day (Always on Johnny Carson’s birthday)

October 24

Food Day
National Pharmacy Buyer Day  (Friday of Third Full Week)
United Nations Day
World Development Information Day

October 25

Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day
International Artists Day
Islamic New Year
Make A Difference Day (Last Saturday)
National Forgiveness Day (Last Saturday)
Pit Bull Awareness Day
Sourest Day
Wear It Pink Day
World Pasta Day

October 26

Howl at The Moon Night
Mother-in-Law Day (Always 4th Sunday)
National Privacy Day
Visit A Cemetery Day (Last Sunday)
Xterra World Championships

October 27

Cranky Co-workers Day
Lung Health Day   (Last Monday)
Navy Day
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

October 28

National Chocolates Day
St. Jude’s Day

October 29

Internet Day
National Cat Day
World Psoriasis Day

October 30

Checklist Day
Create A Great Funeral Day
Devil’s Night or Mischief Night
Haunted Refrigerator Night
National Candy Corn Day

October 31

Halloween or All Hallows Eve
Beggars’ Night
Books For Treats Day
Day of the Seven Billion
Frankenstein Friday (Last Friday)
Girl Scout Founder’s Day
International Bandanna Day (Last Friday)
National Bread Sticks Day (Last Friday)
National Caramel Apple Day
National Knock-Knock Jokes Day
National Magic Day
National UNICEF Day



Rumor Has It …

… that during a past life regression, October Mom (or Octomum for short) transformed into Henry VIII then to Tom Bradford from the Eight Is Enough TV show, then into 80’s pop singer Prince. And, then of course, she danced the chicken dance eighty times on Halloween. And, then she ate some crazy eights.


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