Valentine’s Day

When the month of February is near many lovers get excited at the thought of celebrating Valentine’s Day. February is the month of romance and that’s why many women receive sweet chocolates and roses from their husbands, admirers or boyfriends.

Children can also give their mother these presents to let them know that they love her. Naturally, some people are curious about the history of Valentine’s Day. They wonder about the beginnings, where, when, who, and why did it start. These questions will be answered below.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by the people around the world. This also called as Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day. This actually started as a liturgical celebration to early Christian saints named Valentinus. He was a famous martyrologist who has a connection with Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine was imprisoned because he conducted a wedding ceremony for soldiers who were not allowed to marry.

Claudius II was the new emperor of the Romans. He felt that when men are married, they become emotionally attached to their families, and this will not make them good and loyal soldiers. This is the reason why Claudius II started to believe that marriage is the weakness of most men. That’s why he issued an announcement to people forbidding marriage so that the Romans would have motivated and well-skilled soldiers.

This news gave Romans a great shock but they decided to convince the Christian priest not to follow the rule. Bishop Valentine realized that this was a decree of injustice so that’s why he planned to oppose the monarch’s rule in privacy. When there were lovers who wanted to be married, they went to Valentine and he blessed them as newly married couples in a secret place. Because these secret marriages were leaked into the public, this bishop was arrested. As time went by, St. Valentine died due to the order of execution given by Claudius.

The execution of the bishop Valentine was held on February 14. This was also the day when Valentine has been declared as a patron Saint. This significant day was written about in the romantic literature of Geoffrey Chaucer and other writers in the Middle Ages. During the 18th century, Valentine’s Day was finally included in the recognized occasions in England wherein lovers can freely express their love. They express it through giving flowers, greeting cards that have a heart shape, and confectionary goods.

Zombie Valentine

As time went by, this day has been celebrated in most countries around the world. Many people were very happy when this day became official because they got their chance to express themselves openly and publicly to their loved ones. It was declared that Bishop Valentine had been canonized as a patron saint.

In this case, this is not just a simple day to people. February 14 or Valentine’s Day will be celebrated by millions of people around the world. This will always be one of the most significant celebrations to all people regardless from where they are.


Rumor Has It …

… that in 1929, Al Capone celebrated Valentine’s Day by giving a heart-shaped box of chocolates to his girlfriend Bonnie Clyde. She ate the wrappers and then gave him back the chocolates.


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