In ancient Rome, February was named in connection with the god Februus. Also called Februalia or Februatio this time of year was a festival of purification, especially cleansing with water. Known also as Februarius or Februa the holiday was also associated with purging through sweating commonly observed in fevers.

In the U. S., February holidays run the gamut from honoring the Groundhog to the U. S. Presidents to our loved ones. It is also Black History Month. In addition, there are a few obscure, humorous days too for celebration like Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor’s Day, Read in the Bathtub Day and International Tongue Twister Day. Check out below all February has to offer.



Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year in the honor of St. Valentine who died on this day. On this day, millions of people around the world are giving their special someone chocolates, flowers, candies and lovely gifts. Some of the couples choose to celebrate their relationship by visiting fine dining with excellent cuisine. They truly want this day to be one of the unforgettable times in their lives.

According to the 3rd century Roman and Christian traditions, the term Valentine is derived from the name of St. Valentine in order to take the place of a pagan holiday called Lupercalia. Pope Gelasius declared the 14th day of February during 496 AD as the Feast Day for St. Valentine who was a Roman saint and martyr. Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is considered as one of the major holidays in the United States  dedicated to romantic love.


Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is being celebrated on February 2 every year in the United States and Canada. The celebration for the Groundhog Day is based on the belief that on February 2 most of the groundhogs or also known as woodchucks will come out from their respective holes in order to look for their shadows. Tradition says that if the groundhog sees his shadow, it is a sunny day and 6 more weeks of winter are at hand.  But, if the groundhog does not see his shadow, then springtime is just around the corner.

The origin of this prediction goes back to the European tradition known as Candlemas. The sunny Candlemas day will lead the winter to last for about six weeks which is also associated with the commemoration of the Virgin Mary. The candles used for sacred purposes are being blessed during this day. The Candlemas tradition is also associated with a variety of folklore and this was brought to America during 18th century wherein the German settlers, mostly in Pennsylvania adopted groundhogs as their actual weather predictors. Punxsutawney Phil, from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is the most famous groundhog is America. And the movie Punxsutawney Phil, starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell is quite a hoot to watch.


Presidents’ Day

President’s Day is a state holiday (for a handful of states) celebrated on the third Monday of February. The President’s Day was created in order to give honor to the past Presidents of the United States. During 1796, the administration of George Washington chose to honor the President by celebrating his birthday in the 13 states. Washington shared the month of February with President Abraham Lincoln.

Officially, the federal holiday is called Washington’s Birthday and is celebrated by all states and in some states it is celebrated concurrently with Presidents’ Day. Washington as actually born in February 22, but because of Congress’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, it is celebrated on the third Monday in February.


Washington’s Birthday

Washington’s Birthday is a federal holiday observed by most of the 50 states, although each state has the right to observe its own holidays. George Washington, the Father of Our Country, was born on February 22, 1732 according to the currently used Gregorian calendar. And as previously stated because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, the holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of February.

Washington’s Birthday became a legal holiday on January 31, 1879 observed by federal employees in the District of Columbia. In 1885, the holiday applied to all federal employees outside of the District of Columbia and they were paid for all federal holidays.


Lincoln’s Birthday

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809.  Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 and died on April 15.  Lincoln’s Birthday is not a federal holiday, but a handful of states celebrate it as a legal holiday. Those states include Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey and New York.

Lincoln’s Birthday was first observed in 1874 in Buffalo, New York. A druggist in Buffalo, Julius Francis made it his life’s work to establish Lincoln’s Birthday as a legal holiday.


A list of February Holidays

Feb. 1

Freedom Day
G.I. Joe Day
Working Naked Day
Change Your Password Day
Decorating With Candy Day
International Face & Body Art Day
Robinson Crusoe Day
Spunky Old Broads Day
Serpent Day


Feb. 2

Groundhog Day
Hedgehog Day
Sled Dog Day
Ayn Rand Day
Crepe Day
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
World Wetlands Day
World Play Your Ukulele Day


Feb. 3

The Day the Music Died
Four Chaplains Memorial Day


Feb. 4

World Cancer Day
Liberace Day
Quacker Day


Feb. 5

Weatherman’s Day
World Nutella Day
Adlai Stevenson Day
Western Monarch Day


Feb. 6

Lame Duck Day
Canadian Maple Syrup Day


Feb. 7

Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor’s Day
Ballet Day
Girl Scout Cookie Day
Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Give Kids A Smile Day


Feb. 8

Opera Day
Boy Scout Anniversary Day
Laugh and Get Rich Day


Feb. 9

National Stop Bullying Day
Toothache Day
Read in the Bathtub Day


Feb. 10

Plimsoll Day


Feb. 11

World Day of The Sick
Be Electrific Day
Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
White Shirt Day
Get Out Your Guitar Day
Satisfied Staying Single Day
Make A Friend’s Day
National Shut-in Visitation Day


Feb. 12

Lincoln’s Birthday
Safety Pup Day
Paul Bunyan Day
Darwin Day


Feb. 13

World Radio Day
Employee Legal Awareness Day
Madly In Love With Me Day
Get a Different Name Day


Feb. 14

Valentine’s Day
Ferris Wheel Day
World Marriage Day
Frederick Douglass Day
Quirky Alone Day
Pet Theft Awareness Day
National Donor Day
Library Lovers Day
Race Relations Day
National Have A Heart Day
National Call In Single Day
National Condom Day
National Women’s Heart Day


Feb. 15

National Gum Drop Day
Susan B. Anthony Day
National Hippo Day
Remember the Maine Day


Feb. 16

Daytona Pole Day
Innovation Day
National Almond Day
Kyoto Protocol Day


Feb. 17

Presidents Day (third Monday in February)
World Human Spirit Day
Champion Crab Races Day
National PTA Founders Day


Feb. 18

Pluto Day
Battery Day


Feb. 19

Single Tasking Day
Chocolate Mint Day
International Tug-of-War Day
Iwo Jima Day


Feb. 20

World Day for Social Justice
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day
Love Your Pet Day


Feb. 21

International Mother Language Day


Feb. 22

George Washington’s Birthday (actual)
International Tongue Twister Day
World Thinking Day
National Margarita Day
Woolworth’s Day


Feb. 23

National Dog Biscuit Day
Curling is Cool Day
Diesel Engine Day


Feb. 24

World Bartender Day
National Cupcake Day


Feb. 25

Spay Day USA


Feb. 26

World Pistachio Day
National Personal Chef’s Day
For Pete’s Sake
Levi Strauss Day


Feb. 27

National Day of Action
International Polar Bear Day
National Chili Day


Feb. 28

Rare Disease Day
Floral Design Day
Read Me Day
National Tooth Fairy Day


Feb. 29 (every 4 years)

Leap Day
Bachelor’s Day




Rumor Has It …

… Saint Valentine once knew a girl from Nantucket who was carrying a very large bucket. She fell down a hill. Oh, what a thrill. At the end, the landing, she stuck it.


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